Monday, 31 January 2011

Be Lucky;Stay Lucky

My Lovely Girl

Just know you will be delighted to meet Felix, our latest grandchild.

Felix arrived safe and sound - if a little ahead of schedule - at 9.25 on Wednesday, January 19.

We were all geared to an early February birth but events transpired to a date a little earlier than that.

It all kicked of at an appointment Charlotte had with the midwife on January 4th. 

Nothing too serious, but the midwife felt that, as the baby was still breech, it would be best if Charlotte was admitted overnight to check everything with the baby was OK.was able to come home the next day.

Her next appointment with the specialist - one that had been booked before Christmas - was on Friday January 14. 

So once again I went across to look after Caitlin and Reuben while she and Ivan kept the appointment with the specialist.

Hadn't heard from them until I got a phone call from Ivan towards 12 o'clock, asking if I could rustle up some lunch for Caitlin and Reuben.

The consultant was recommending that Charlotte had a C-section on the following Wednesday as the baby was breech and they were a little concerned over the position of the placenta.

They were then in the queue waiting to see the midwife and were then going to see the anaesthetist.

When they returned it was clear timescales had shortened. and that here was a lot to do before Wednesday.

Over the weekend, I made arrangements for Cali to go into the cattery.

Although Ivan had paternity leave and could work from home some days, clearly I would be needed to help look after C and R while Charlotte was in hospital and after she came out.

No lifting and no driving for six weeks.

Well before 7.00am on the 19th, Charlotte and Ivan were up and moving around and left for the hospital a few minutes after 7.30, a sure sign Charlotte was at the top of the queue for theatre that day.

I wasn't surprised when Ivan rang to tell me Charlotte had had a baby boy weighing 7lb 6oz at 9.25am and that both Charlotte and the baby were doing fine.

  Because of the risks from swine flu and other 'bugs', nobody but Ivan was allowed to visit Charlotte and Felix in hospital.

But, as you can see, you were with him from the first moments of his life. 

Charlotte and Ivan had some ideas about names for him but wished to have a little time before finally deciding.

If the baby had been a girl they had already picked the names Phoebe Elinor (a nod in your direction) Rose (your favourite flower).

By the time Charlotte was able to come home the following Friday they had decided on Felix Gabriel Quinn.

They decided to wait until Caitlin and Reuben were asleep before Charlotte and Felix came home, as they thought the excitement would be too much for them.   

The next morning was rather special.  Not only was 'Mummy' home but they got to meet their new baby brother for the first time.

Opa got to hold his new 'kleinzoon' too.

'Felix' is Latin for 'happy' and 'lucky' and I hope sincerely he will always be that.     

'Gabriel' is, again, a nod in your direction.  As the story goes, that is how you were to be called Gabrielle until your father got a change of mind on the way to the Registrar. 

And earned the considerable wrath of your mother.

'Quinn' reflects Charlotte's desire for there to be a Gaelic names in there somewhere.

Don't think she was aware that the name is derived from the Irish 'Ó Cuinn' and means 'descendants of Conn.' and means 'wisdom' or 'chief.' 

A nice touch that, you'll agree, even if was happenstance.

But then Felix does mean 'lucky'. 

Just know you will always 'look out' for him as he goes through life.

As you do for all of us who are left behind - and who miss you so much.
Will love you

For ever