Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A Close Resemblance

Tuesday, 15 March

My Lovely E

Charlotte and Ivan brought Caitlin, Reuben and Felix over for the weekend.

Roped Ivan in to helping me sort the garage out a bit.

It gave them both a chance to check-up on some of their things that we have been storing for them.

It also gave me the opportunity to sort out some boxes of slides, photographs and negatives that I haven't been through for ages.

When I was doing this, Ivan came across this one from back in 1974...

It was taken at the family celebration to Granny and Grandpa's Golden Wedding Anniversary in July that year.

He immediately spotted a strong resemblance between Charlotte as she looked then and Felix.

Charlotte was delighted about this as up to then she hadn't spotted it herself.

After they had gone home I continued looking through the 'archives' and came across these photos of her when she was just two weeks old.

I think they will be really struck by, what is to me, an even greater similarity.

And, for reference, here's one of Felix taken that same weekend...

You were always much better than me at this type and it would be so nice to know what you would have thought.

Just really sad that you are not around for him to get to know you and see what a lovely Oma he has.

Miss you so much my lovely girl.

Cannot tell how flat things can seem at times without you or that lovely smile of yours to brighten my life.

Will love you, Forever.