Sunday, 29 August 2010

Summer of '61

Sunday, 29 August 2010 

My Darling E

At the beginning of the week I went down to Somerset and stayed with M for a couple of days.

I have talked to her frequently on the phone since she was up here at the end of January.

It was good to see her and there was much to talk about - what has happened in the last couple of years and how we are learning to cope. 

B's passing has left a big gap in her life, just as yours has in mine.

Naturally, we talked lots about the past and looked at some of the photos I had taken down with me.

She had gone through some of her own for me to see.

Including these two from a long time ago...

They were taken at their then house in St Albans, when we had gone out there to see them one day, along with your mother and father.

The date on the back says 'September 61'.   
We had know each other just over a year by then - and were more than a little keen on each other.   

The evidence?

Can I remind you of these three small photographs, which you had held onto and which I came across again only recently.

They were from a small strip of photographs and on the back you have written, 'Taken at E Finchley 11.7.61'  

Know obviously what we were doing in that photo-booth at East Finchely tube station that day - but cannot for the life of me remember why we were there.

Clearly, your mother and father were not around on that occasion!

Miss you so - and those lovely kisses too.

Alway my love, for ever.