Sunday, 29 August 2010

The Write Lines

Sunday, 29 August 2010 

My Darling E

As I mentioned last time, I'm looking forward to getting down to doing a lot more writing over the coming months. 

Not just the family memoir but also these letters to you, which I find so comforting.  And so good for stirring up lots of lovely memories. 

You will remember when we lived in Yorkshire, I created my own little 'writing space' on the return on the landing at the top of the stairs.  It was a good place to write. 

These are a couple of the photographs you took of that 'space' just before we moved down south - and my writing became sidelined by the new experiences that were ahead of us.

I was reminded of that old 'writing space' of mine when I stayed over at A and N's the weekend Adrian was doing his car-push attempt. 

As P and F were staying over as well I had the sofa bed in their office.  And there was my old office chair from Yorkshire, still in use.

So I thought it was time to out the finishing touches to having a dedicated 'writing space' for myself here at '28'.

The den looks a little different now.

The bookcases, computer desk and filing cabinet have all been 'freecycled' off to willing recipients.  In their place is a simple modern desk, wide enough to take everything I need.  

It has freed up lots more floorspace - for blow-up sleeping bags when the little ones come to stay.

This is how my desk space looks now...

It's clean and simple - and easy to keep tidy. Thought you'd appreciate that!  

I'm still surrounded by photographs as before; but much more precious ones now.

Would much prefer to have you here in person.  

In your absence, your photographs will motivate and inspire me - just as you always did during the years we were together.

Do miss you so much.

Yours, for ever,

Trevor xxx