Sunday, 19 December 2010

Gene Junction

Sunday, 19 December

My Darling Girl

Thought Oma would love to see this lovely Christmas Card for 2010 that Nikki has created featuring Darcy and Harriett.

They look lovely and I'm sure you will notice a big change in them.

Darcy has 'grown up' such a lot this last year and is such fun to be with.

She still goes to Nursery next door and has now progressed to the 'Rabbits Room' upstairs.

She also goes to Pre-school' several days a week which, she tells me, is  much further away.

From time to time Opa refers to 'Pre-school' as 'Nursery' and 'Nursery' as 'Pre-school' - and gets firmly corrected.

Hints of things to come I expect. 

Harriett is very laid-back and giggles a lot.

She can 'roar' like a lion, 'moo' like a cow and 'miaow' like a cat.  Her vocabulary is growing rapidly and she can crawl like a good one.

But as yet there is little sign of her walking.

Darcy is very 'into' Father Christmas this year and knows what it's all about!

At the children's party at Adrian's office, she managed to work her way back to see him a second time - and came away with another present.

Things were a rather more 'iffy' at her Nursery Christmas party last Friday, on Darcy's normal Nursery 'day'.

Like last year, they had asked Adrian to play 'Father Christmas'.

Thanks to a pretty good costume, a very full wig and beard, a pair of specs on his nose and a change of voice, they think 'he' got away with it.

Although Nikki said that 'he' received one or two odd looks from Darcy when she got up close to him.

Still...nothing was said.  Was she fooled or was she being cute.

Who knows?

Nikki also sent me this lovely of photo of Darcy looking forward to Christmas.

Nikki also send me this photo she took of Darcy at the same time as she was taking the shot of the two of them for their Christmas card.

Now, as you know, I was never a great one for spotting family resemblances.

But this photograph had me digging back among our photo archives.

And guess what I came up with.

This one of you...


If the date in your father's handwriting on the back - May 1947 - is correct, it's you at almost exactly the same age as Darcy is right now  

Have a close look.

I know what I think.  But I'll leave you, and others, to make up their own mind.

It would be lovely to think those genes of yours are still very much to the fore.

Will love you
For ever