Sunday, 19 September 2010

Birthday Girl

Sunday, 5 September 2010  

My Lovely Eileen

Adrian and Nikki left today on holiday with Darcy and Harriet.  They are all flying out to Portugal and have taken a villa there for two weeks. 

Hope they have a good time and that the girls enjoyed their first trip on an aeroplane.  Cannot wait to hear about it when they get back.

As it is Darcy's birthday while they are away, they had a party for her last Thursday.  There was no way they could have taken all her many presents with her.  

Darcy looked really special in her party dress...

The kids had a terrific time and the weather was warm enough for them to be outside most of the time.

The people next door to A&N have moved to the US.  As they could not take all their children's toys with them, A&N now have a super 'Bouncy Castle'.  

It went down a treat as you can imagine...

Here are just some of the photographs that Charlotte and I took that day...

Darcy tries on one of her presents 

Caitlin in party mood

Harriet joins in the fun

Where did all these balls come from? 

Cake Time

Many Happy Returns

Reuben likes cake

Where's my cake?

Piggy-back time

It's been a lovely party!


After the party was over and all the guests had gone, I stayed behind for a little while before heading home.

It gave me a chance to see Darcy on her own and read her a story once she was in bed.

As Nikki was getting her into her PJs, Darcy looked at us and said very seriously 'I'm Darcy and...I'm whingy'.

'That's good to know,' I said, like Nikki trying very hard not to laugh.


As you can see she is growing up so fast.

It is difficult to think she is now three.  Difficult, too, not to look back to the day she was born...

 ...and what has happened since then.

Darcy really misses her lovely Oma.  But then we all do.

On days like that it is especially difficult not having you around.

For me - make that every day.

Love and miss you so much.

For ever