Sunday, 19 September 2010


Saturday, 18 September 2010

My Darling E

This what I now sit and look at when I'm writing to you.

It's that bit easier having these three special photos of you in front of me for company when I do.

I had been trying to think which of the many photographs I have of you to use. 

Then I found the inspiration I was looking for when I was at Charlotte and Ivan's a couple of months ago. 

That was when I spotted this lovely image of you in their lounge...

When I returned home I made contact with Lawrence, the photographer who covered Nikki and Adrian's wedding.

When I explained what I was looking for - and why - he put the wedding album back up on the internet, so that I could look at it again.

These are the three photos I chose...

Naturally, I took them along to Daniel to have them framed.

Hadn't been in touch with him for a while.  Not since he made those frames for us when we were doing those exhibitions.

When I explained about the photographs he was very sympathetic and understanding.

He told me he had lost the young lady who was his business partner at Terra Firma.

Same symptoms, same diagnosis and sadly, the same outcome.

So he knew what we both had been through.

He has done a really good job on them and they look lovely, hanging on the wall above me as I write. 

Like now. 

I love them all but particularly the one were you are looking up and laughing. 

You look so natural and so full of life.  Just as you always were.

Cannot tell you how much I miss that.

Love you so.

For ever,