Friday, 26 November 2010

Change of Plans

Friday, 26 November

My Lovely Girl

As you know, June and Geoff were not able to make it down on the '25th' as they had a lot on in September, including three weddings to attend.

June sent me a lovely letter saying how sorry they had to miss it - and how much she misses being able to chat to you on the phone.

'Eileen always called me 'Pet' and I think about her every day,' she said.

With her letter June sent me these two lovely photographs... 

They were ones June had taken of us together at Andrew's Wedding.

It was so good of her to send them particularly as I had not seen them before.

You looked so radiant and happy - as did Nicola and Geoff.

Geoff especially so in his pink tie and waistcoat.

Remember how we ribbed him about that.  And, as you teased him, 'You will never be able to live it down when 'Pinkie' hears about it - and I'll make sure she knows!'  

And you did. 

I spoke to both of them one evening last week.

They were off to Australia on Saturday evening.  For the 'Ashes' Test Matches naturally.

They were flying out via Singapore and I wanted to wish them 'Good Luck' for the trip, which lasts over four weeks.

From Singapore they are flying on to Brisbane; taking in the Great Barrier Reef before heading to Adelaide for the second Test.  Then they are spending some days in Sydney (just sightseeing; no cricket) and then on to Perth for the third Test, before flying back and getting home just before Christmas.

Back  in Springtime I had put my name down to go.  I thought it would be good for me as something to look forward to - and a way of missing out some of the 'dark days' at the end of the year.

However, once I learned about Charlotte's pregnancy I just knew I didn't want to be that far away from home for such a long time.

Won't be anywhere near as good at helping out as you would have been.  But at least I'm close at hand and 'on call' when they - or Nikki and Adrian - need  me.

There were other reasons as well. 

Wasn't sure if I am up yet - physically or emotionally - to all the 'moving on', ' living out of a suitcase routine the trip would involve.

More importantly, Australia was something we wanted to do together.  New Zealand too.

Know that will never be possible now. 

But I will  do them both when I'm ready - and in that freewheeling, 'make it up as you go along' way that you and I enjoyed so much.

When I do, I know you will be with me all the way.

Do miss you so.

You are never far away from me - and never ever will be.

Love you
For ever