Sunday, 14 November 2010

Record Numbers

Sunday, 14 November

My Darling Eileen

I'm sure you will be pleased to learn that Adrian is now a Guinness world record holder.

And here's the certificate he received to prove it...

His effort, back at the end of July, in pushing a car the full marathon distance of 26.2 miles has now been confirmed as the NEW world record.

It's taken a while for Guinness to confirm it as they had to go through all the evidence - the video, all the witness reports etc - but at last they have done it.

He rang me from Heathrow - on his way to Hungary for a PWC seminar in Budapest - as he wanted me to be the first to know.

I am sure you will be as delighted with the news, as I was.  Particularly as he has raised over £7000 for the two charities.

Thanks to their PR efforts he received a lot of publicity before and after the attempt, including being interviewed on local radio the Monday afterwards, before going to work.

One bit of coverage really stood out even if it was a bit OTT.

It was in a woman's magazine that wished to approach it more from Nikki's perspective.

As I say the writer overdosed a little on the drama and, as you will see, seems to 'do it by numbers'.

Know you love this type of 'PR article'.  So just think of Victoria Wood's friend 'Kim-ber-lee' and enjoy.  

'Stood in black cycling shorts and a running T-shirt, my hubby bent his knees, let out a deep sigh and placed his hands against the boot of the lime green Smart car.

"Ready?" asked the adjudicator.

"Yes," Adrian, 35, nodded.

As the 50-strong crowd cheered and whooped in the schoolyard, our three-year-old daughter, Darcy, tapped my hand.

"Is Daddy really going to push it 26 miles?2 she asked.

"Yes, sweetheart," I smiled.

It was July 2010 and my hubby of four yaers was about to compete in a feat of immense strength, pushing a car 26.2 miles - the length of a marathon.

Fit and active, he'd already competed in two London Marathon's, so wanted to really push himself.

"It had to be something really gruelling," he told me. "I want to raise as much as I can in memory of Mum."

His friend Mark, 35, a gym instructor, designed  a training programme for him.

So every week, around his work as a tax advisor, Adrian fitted in 1,600 squats and lunges, a seven mile run, hill-running and pushing a Ford Focus.

He guzzled mountains of carbs, too!

Now, at St Johns the Baptist Primary School, Adrian was ready to push the car atround the track.

"Come on Adrian!" I screamed, as my 15st hubby edged the 740kg (116st) vehicle forward.

As the hours ticked by, Adrian ate 10 bananas and two meatloaves [malt, actually] and drank a dozen energy drinks and gallons of water.
 "You did it!' I shouted, beaming.
When the clock hit five hours and 45 minutes, the crowd went mad as the adjudicator told Adrian he'd hit the 17.6-mile mark and beaten the (then current) world record.
But Adrian gritted his teeth and carried on - and after nine hours and 20 minutes, and 391 laps, he finished. 
His sweaty, exhausted body fell into my arms.
"I'm so proud of you," I cried, popping open the champers. 
"And your Mum would be, too."
 In total Adrain raised more than £7000 for the World Cancer Research Fund and The Stroke Association.'

Thought you would enjoy reading it - even if it erred a little towards the 'purple' end of the spectrum in places.

The crucial thing for Adrian was that he did something special for you.

Like all of us, he misses you so much.

Cannot tell you what a large gap you have left in my life.

All my love

For ever

Trevor xxx