Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Moving In

My Lovely E

There are, as I'm sure you'll remember, a couple of anniversaries coming up around about now.  One was just a few days ago, the other - a very special one - in a couple of days from now.

It's was ten years ago, this past weekend, that we moved in to Number 28. 

The solicitors letter talks about aiming to complete on the 30th.  But I am certain we exchanged funds on the 26th and moved in that day, so anxious were the T's to move to their house and us to get in here.

St Paul's wasn't all that bad, but it wasn't all that good. 

The dining room, downstairs cloakroom, garage, landing and three of the bedrooms were so packed with furniture you could hardly get in to them.

That three month rent gave us a reality check on what 'downsizing' would 

I can still recall coming home from work that Friday in February 2000 at the end of our first week down here.

'Dont take your coat off,' you said, 'we have houses to look at.'

And so we set off looking at four or five, none of which ticked the boxes even without viewinginside.

Then as we were heading home you wheeled into EMD.  It was already familiar to us from looking at - and rejecting - a house on 'Pavilion' a few weeks earlier.

We parked in front of '28' and you passed me the details...

'Do you like it?' you asked.  'I hope so because I've made an appointment to view it at 11.00am tomorrow.'

And like it we did even more, once we had been inside. 

So much so that, after a two-minute chat in the car, we drove straight to the estate agent and put our offer in.  As 'cash buyers' we were in pole position.

Then all we had to do was wait to move in.  

When we did, the house was quickly bursting at the seams... 


This is how it was on 'moving in' day - but not how it is today. 

Gradually, over the months and years, we got things the way we wanted them to be.

Our style became more modern and, if not exactly minimalist, heading  strongly in that direction.  Not just inside but in the garden also.  

The move changed nor only our way of life but our approach to it as well - just as you knew it would.   And how much we enjoyed it.

This is where we spent the last years of our life together - and where I'll stay.

This is the home you found for us. A home that bears so much of your touch.  A house that carries so many happy memories - but a few not so.   

Sadly, this is the house where you had to say 'Goodbye'. 

How could I ever leave and walk away from that - or from you.

Ever yours, my love,