Friday, 4 June 2010

One Saturday Evening...

My Darling Eileen

One Saturday evening, a boy was introduced to an attractive young girl.

He was just nineteen, she was sixteen and a half.

That warm June evening, they went walking - through Queen's Woods, up past Highgate Village, along by Kenwood, the Heath and the Spaniard's Inn, all the way to Hampstead and home again.    

It was the 4 June 1960 - fifty years ago today exactly.

By the time that girl and that boy reached her home that evening, they both knew they had found the someone they would share the rest of their lives with.

And that's how it was - because the girl was you and the boy was me.

We both so wanted to be together for fifty years.  We didn't quite make it.   But we came so close.

As I sit here tonight I cannot help reminiscing over some of the memories and the times we shared:
  • the early days of really getting to know each other
  • getting engaged and then getting married  
  • our wedding night and the hotel that gave away our suite
  • running out of petrol on honeymoon at Bar-le-Duc
  • spending your first four years married to a full-time student
  • the fun times - and a few lean times - in Wilton Court
  • stretching to buy Parkway, then finding you were pregnant
  • the birth of Charlotte
  • me being made redundant, and you being pregnant again
  • the birth of Adrian
  • moving to Holland and our years in Wassenaar
  • settling in Guiseley
  • our '25th' in Paris - eventually I got you there 
  • moving to Essex - and how right you were!
  • Charlotte and Ivan's wedding 
  • running with whales off Vancouver Island on our '40th'
  • Adrian and Nikki's wedding
  • the arrival of three (now four)lovely grandchildren 
  • and...
But let's not go there on a lovely anniversary such as this.

Are you thinking the same things I am today?  Or are some of your memories  different to mine.  You were so good at remembering things I had forgotten.

We shared love, friendship, excitement, fun, laughter, and the odd tear, for almost fifty years and there are so many fabulous memories to look back on.

What was it that song from our early days together said?...

'Those were the days my friend,
 We thought they'd never end..' 
Sadly, they had to.

Miss you so much, my love



An anniversary would not be complete without a rose for you. 

So after I had written this I went out and picked one from the garden and  placed it in our bedroom.  Just as I did for you during those last few months we were together. 

By the next morning it had opened up and looked so beautiful. 

I know you would have loved it...   

Love you so