Monday, 7 June 2010

Race for Life

My Darling E 

Remember how much you loved participating in the 'Race for Life' each year?

Because of your enthusiasm for the event, lots of relatives, friends and former colleagues of yours are running - or have already run - 'Race for Life' this year in your memory.

Yesterday was 'Race for Life' day in Basildon and we made it a real 'family' day. 

You would have loved it.

So much, so I hope you were looking down on us and cheering the girls on - Charlotte and Caitlin; Nikki, Darcy and Harriet; Pat; Maggi; Claudia and Chloe; Ellen and Sue.     

Caitlin was very clear she was 'running for Oma' and she and Darcy ran quite a lot of the way as you can see. 
Trust these photographs will show you how much fun everyone had ...




Ellen, Caitlin and Chloe

Ellen's 'Auntie Eileen' card

Charlotte, Maggi and Sue

The Start

Maggi, Nikki, Darcy, Sue and Charlotte

Maggi, Sue and Caitlin

Pat, Reuben, Caitlin and Charlotte

Charlotte and Darcy 

Eleven 'Race for Lifers' + Reuben 

As we were leaving we passed something new that I hadn't seen at previous 'Race for Life' events when you were doing them.

It's a 'memory wall' where runners can hang the cards they wore, with the names and messages about the people they were running in memory of.

Naturally we added the poster of you that everyone had been wearing during the race to the wall, as you can see...


Nikki and Pat hung their cards either side of it.

Charlotte placed hers directly underneath. Her message read 'I race for life for My Beautiful Mum.  I miss you every day xxx' 

Up to that point I was handling the day pretty well.

But seeing you, my love, up there really got to me.     

It was something I never ever wished to see.  And seeing it there just reminded me so strongly again that you are gone from us for ever.  

Cannot begin to tell you how much I miss you.

Love you so much.