Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Beautiful Bride

Sunday - 20 June

My Darling E

For most people, 20 June was Father's Day. 

But for those of us who were there in the church in Collingham and at the reception afterwards at Wood Hall it was very much Nicola's Day.

She looked radiant and stunning.   Her dress was absolutely fabulous.

As Liz, who sat next to me at the reception, put it, 'Nicola looked as if she had stepped out of the pages of Vogue magazine'.

It was a lovely warm sunny day.  When Nicola and Geoff entered the church, the bright sunlight streaming through the door behind them added to the magic. 

I know if you had been there you would have had that little catch of emotion in your throat at that moment - as I had.  

Nicola and Geoff 

Could not help thinking back to our early days in Guiseley when Nicola, then just a tiny tot, would come up to the house to play with Charlotte.  

So much has changed since then.

It was a lovely service and soon Nicola and Russell were walking down the aisle and out into the sunshine.

Nicola and Russell

Thought you would like to see some other photos I took...

Nicola and THAT Dress!



Nicola and June

Wedding Group

and finally...

The Bride


This last photo of Nicola was one I took in the gardens at Wood Hall before we went in to the reception.

As you can see it was still warm and sunny as we all stood and talked, a trio playing in the background.

At the reception I was among friends - Richard and Susan, Norman and Trudy; and Bill and Liz from Scarborough - which made it a lot easier being there on my own.

The speeches from Geoff and Russell were good.  Geoff did brilliantly, only displaying a little emotion when he was well into his speech.  Not bad, considering the significance of the day and how beautiful Nicola looked.

The best man got the biggest laugh. 

As he rose a little nervously to speak, he held up his notes and said...

'You know, this is not the first time I have stood up from a hot seat today with a piece of paper in my hand.'
Know you would have thoroughly enjoyed that if you had been there.

Really miss that lovely laugh of yours, those sparkling eyes and that 'wicked' smile of yours so much.

Just have to rely on memory now, as I do for so many other things about you.

Love you so,

Trevor xxx