Sunday, 25 July 2010

More Race for Life

25 July 2010

My Darling E

Lots of people who couldn't make it to the Basildon for the Race for Life endeavoured to do it elsewhere, all in your memory.

Thought you would like to hear all about those who did it closer to home.


Christine was the first one to complete it on your behalf, as the Torquay Race for Life was held on the 16 May.

When I spoke to her afterwards, Christine said she had found the day quite emotional, not helped by the fact that it was bitterly cold.  She completed it with a friend and these are the pictures she sent me.

Where's the Start?

A Little Pick-Me-Up



Cheryl completed the Southend 'Race for Life' with several of her friends on Sunday 23rd May.

This is the message she e-mailed me a few days later...

These are the pictures Cheryl sent...
'Just to let you know, I completed the race for life on Sunday, and despite the heat managed to run all the way round. Laura completed it in about 30 mins. I did it in about 35 and Chris about 40 mins.

I've attached a couple of pictures for you. A before and after shot of the event or standing and collapsed as I've renamed it.

After the event lots of the competitors pinned up their pictures and notes on an impromptu wall of remembrance that ran round the athletic track so we added Eileen's picture to the wall.

I think between the 3 of us we will have raised nearly £300.'

Cheryl and Jorja

'Glad that's over'



As I mentioned a little time ago, Sarah had organised a group of her family and friends to run the Bradford 'Race for Life' on the 13 June.

This is what she said in the e-mail she sent me the following week.

'The race went well. I printed out the posters for us to wear. Even though I'd seen them as I printed and cut them out for everyone, to actually see Eileen as I pinned it to my top was really sad.

The good thing was the money we raised - my niece Luna and Caroline have raised about £75, I've managed to get £265 so far, and have been promised more. My Mum got about £50 and Lynn about £100, so over £500 for an afternoon stroll isn't bad.
My mum wrote her sister's name on her back sign, she died a year and a half ago.  It is nice to remember everyone who is no longer with us, and talk about our memories of them.'

These are the photographs they took on the day.

Lynn, Sarah, Luna and Caroline 


Carol ran the Manchester race on Sunday 20 June, the same as Nicola's wedding. She and John had recently completed the Manchester 10k in very good times so the Race for Life was a little easier for her.

Here are the photographs Carol sent me.




Kathy was doing the Race for Life in Basingstoke.  It was held on the 20 June too.   I e-mailed her a copy of the poster for her to wear. 

I haven't heard back fro her about how she did on the day.  As soon as I do I'll add it here as a postscript.


My Lovely Girl

I'm sure you are as touched as I am by all the people who did the Race for Life this year on your behalf. 

Just shows how much you were so loved - and are now so missed by so many.

Sarah has said she hopes to do the Race for Life again nest year and I know this is something Charlotte is thinking about too.  It would be nice if we can repeat it as I know you were so committed to doing the Race over the years.

Miss you so much my love,

For Ever