Friday, 30 July 2010

When It Comes To Push...

30 July 2010

My Darling E

...Tomorrow's the Day.    

After months of planning, serious amounts of training, hours spent chasing sponsors, trailing round to find a venue and lots and lots of admin by Nikki, Adrian will try and break a Guinness World Record tomorrow.

The existing record for pushing a car the furthest distance in 24 hours is somewhere just over 17 miles.  Adrian is hoping to push the record the full marathon distance of 26.2 miles.

All in your memory - and for the benefit of the Stroke Association and the World Cancer Research Fund.

Both organisations have organised lots of good PR on Adrian's behalf.  As a result he has been in lots of newspapers around the country.  He even featured in the Belfast Telegraph.

He and been interviewed on BBC Surrey Radio and other local radio stations, and a BBC reporter is coming along later tomorrow to cover the attempt. 

This is the poster that has appeared all round Woking to stir up interest. 

So far he and Nikki have raised well over £4000 with more still to come we hope.    

The last week has not without its last-minute hiccups however, as this hastily sent e-mail from Adrian earlier this week shows.
'Just when you think that everything might be coming together for the challenge...

On Monday I did my final training session at Barnsbury School with the Smart car and discovered that there is actually a serious slope in the playground.
This will cause all sorts of problems.  (Hills are not kind to us car pushers).
I then had to go home and tell Nikki that all our plans had to change, as I didn’t think it was going to be the best option.
After a gin and tonic (for her, not me) the hunt was on and we have very kindly been given permission by another local school. The only issue is that we can only have access to the school for 12 hours, so the serious pressure is on me to complete the challenge in that time.'

It's going to a Fun Day for everyone who comes to watch, even if it won't be  much of one for Adrian.  

There will of cake and drinks stalls, as well as games and other activities to keep the children entertained. 

All we need now is the right type of weather - dry, not too hot and perhaps a gentle breeze.

Will let you know how it works - and how he gets on.

I'm down as 'offical' photographer so I hope there will be lots of shots to show you.    

As always,

Yours, for ever,