Sunday, 25 July 2010

Fear of God

25 July 2010

My Darling E

In her e-mail about the Bradford 'Race for Life', Sarah shared a rather nice memory she has of you with me.

This is what she told me...  

'As you know I did the RFL last weekend up in Bradford.
Well before the Race, Mum and had a busy morning preparing food for the afternoon as my family were all coming round for dinner.
By the time it we were ready to set off I'd not really had much to eat. 
I was so hungry when we arrived at Lister Park.   
Thankfully Lynn was also hungry so the two of us set off to see what we could find.
Hoping for something healthy of course! 
In the end the only thing we could get that wasn't too big was a chip butty!
So the two of us sat there eating chips before doing a 5k!
It reminded both of us of something that happened years ago. 
Eileen once told Lynn that if she ate food outside, the nuns would 'get her'!
Did she say things like that to anyone else? 
As it happens, Lynn and I went to Whitby one Saturday some time later, when we were still working together.
And, as you do at the seaside, we got fish and chips and ate them walking along the sea wall.
To our horror, two nuns appeared!!
Lynn's face was a picture and she hid her food behind her back until the nuns were out of sight!  
We laughed about this on Sunday, and decided not only would Eileen tell us off for eating chips, but for eating them outside too - and before a 5k!!!


Sarah x'


Now why does this story not surprise me knowing your wicked sense of humour as I do.   Bet there was a twinkle in your eye as you said it - which Lynn obviously missed.

Glad to know your time with the nuns at Manor House was not wasted!
Love and miss you so much - particularly when I hear lovely stories like that from other people.  It was just so typical of you.

Yours, for ever