Saturday, 13 March 2010

Mother's Day

My Darling Eileen

Tomorrow is Mother's Day - the first significant day in the calendar, since you left us back at the beginning of January.

It will be particulary difficult for Charlotte and Adrian as it will be the first Mother's Day that you have not been around for them.  I will talk to them both tomorrow.

This afternoon I was thinking back to that Mother's Day in 2008, just weeks before your fateful illness was diagnosed.  As Nikki and Charlotte were both 'new' mothers that year, I recall that you didn't wish to steal their thunder and so suggested we go to France for the day.  

Which we did, driving down the coast for lunch at Wissant, followed by a walk along the almost deserted front.  The weather was sunny but chilly, and very windy, as this photograph I took of you that day shows.

Over recent years we visted that part of France on day trips when we could, often to pick up some wine but a mainly to enjoy the vast miles of unspoilt beaches that run south down the coat from Calais.


Coming back on the ferry, wine in the boot, we always remarked how easy and enjoyable it had been to pop over to France, and resolved to do it more frequently.

Next time, we said, now that we have retired, we should think about staying over for a night or two. 

Sadly, we never got to do it. 

Do miss you so much my love            

Trevor xxx