Sunday, 21 March 2010

Fond Memories

My Lovely Girl

Last Sunday, Charlotte felt she could not let this first Mother's Day without you go past without getting you some flowers.

So before leaving for Onslow Gardens, we stopped at a flower shop.

After we had been to 74 and met Henry and Honey, we drove back through East Finchley and went to visit your mother and father's grave.

Just after your funeral, Charlotte, Ivan and the twins had gone to the graveyard to place their wreath on the grave and tell them about you and what had happened.

The roses in the wreath were very faded so she took them away and replaced them with the flowers we had bought you that morning.  They were mostly white and pale pink roses, which we knew were always so close to your heart. 

Alongside them she placed a bunch of daffodils that she had got in memory of Granny and Grandpa.  Could not forget them.   

The card she had attached to your flowers read:

'Always in our thoughts and hearts. 
 Miss you.   Love from all of us. xxx'
 Really do miss you so much.

Trevor xxx