Monday, 22 March 2010

Race For Life

My Darling Eileen

I know how much completing the 'Race for Life' in recent years meant to you.  If I remember, it all began back when we were living in Guiseley and you started doing the Leeds 5k runs with June.

When we moved down south, you were determined to continue the tradition and did several of the Flora 5k runs in Hyde Park with Charlotte and Nikki.  

Unfortunately the Hyde Park runs lost their sense of fun for you all when they became too large and chaotic.  So you switched to the 'Race for Life' runs nearer home in Basildon, often with Charlotte, Nikki and others again for company.

The last 'Race for Life' you did was this one in Basildon in 2007...

which you completed successfully, running on your own as Nikki and Charlotte were both pregnant that year.  

Can't tell you how proud I was of your bravery and your determination to do it, even though you had no-one to keep you company.

Sadly, as we now know, that one in 2007 turned out to be your last ever 'Race for Life'.    

At every race you competed in, we were always very touched by the many women and girls taking part, who were doing the run in memory of someone close to them, who had been lost to Cancer.

So I hope you will be touched and pleased by how many people are doing the 'Race for life' this year in your memory.

Charlotte, Caitlin, Nikki, Darcy, Harriet and Pat have all signed up to do it this year in Basildon on the 6th June, especially for you. 

Charlotte has also sent out an e-mail about it to everyone.

So far I gather that Maggi, Claudia, Chloe and Ellen are joining them in Basildon.  

Carol is planning to do one in Manchester.  June would like to do it but unfortunately the date of the Leeds one coincides with the day of Nicola's wedding.  (Yes, I am invited and will be attending for both of us.)           

Sue Oliver e-mailed me from New Zealand - where they are on holiday - to say she wants to do it and will sort something out when they get home.  

When I spoke to Christine some days ago, she told me she has already signed up to do one down near her - and is putting the squeeze on JJF for some serious sponsorship.  

Jo, Charlotte's NCT friend is also doing it for you.  Charlotte may have talked to you about Jo but don't think you ever met her.  

Jo was really supportive of Charlotte and was a tremendous help on the day of your funeral, when she came to the house to look after Caitlin and Reuben when we were at the crematorium.

I'm sure they are all being encouraged to do it too, by remembering that you were so eager to complete the much longer Moonwalk in 2008, and were devastated when that fateful diagnosis took it all away from you.

Would have loved to have seen you in your vibrant pink fancy-dress running gear.  Was pleased, as I know you were, that Michelle and Derek from 'work' were able to do it instead on your behalf.

Will let you know how they all get on this year and will tell you if I hear about anyone else who is doing for you.

All my love