Sunday, 21 March 2010

Welcoming Front Door

My Darling Eileen

Last week, when we were showing people the album we put together to mark your 50th birthday, I spotted these photographs I took of you in front of 74 Onslow Gardens.

This first one goes way back, probably to a time when we had only known each other for a year or so...

This next one I think I can pinpoint a little more accurately. If I am right it was taken shortly after we had returned from our honeymoon.

Although it doesn't appear in the photograph, I am sure you are leaning on the roof of our little green Mini.  The one that carried us all around Europe, without mishap.  Not bad really for a 1965 Mini.

I must find some of the photos we took during that trip, so we can re-live those days again.

Do think I prefer the front door at 74 the way it used to be.  The black and white paintwork looks so much more distinguished.  But then my opinion might be coloured by the lovely girl sitting on the step in front of it.  

Love and miss you so much.