Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Among Friends

My Darling Girl

The 25th September wasn't an easy day. 

For the first time in forty-five years, we were not together to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

But it was easier than it might have been.

We had made it an 'Open House' that afternoon, so I was soon surrounded by family and friends.

I had ordered the food and wine from Waitrose and Charlotte, Nikki, Adrian Ivan came over late morning to help me lay it out and prepare the bits that needed warming up.

As it was 'our day' we were remembering, there were photographs from over the years - in the hall, the dining room and on the stairs.

Claudia, Andy and Chloe dropped in, followed later by Alex and Jane. 

Marilyn and Richard were here, of course, as were Pat and Fred.

Jill and Trevor popped across also.

Sarah and Ben came all the way up from Charlton to be with us, because of what you meant to her. 

Sarah had some more memories and stories for me, from when you worked together at Lexicon.  I'll save these for another time. 

Carol and Phyllis made it also.  On the way down they had dropped Liam off at Uni in Nottingham for his first year there.

Some could not make it because of holiday or other arrangements.

Maggi and Peter were on holiday; Kathy and Paddy too.

June and Geoff had something else on; as had Sue and Andy.

It was a long way for Christine and Mary to come but, like everyone else, they sent their good wishes and said we would be in their thoughts.

Towards the end of the afternoon, we opened a large bottle of your favourite pink 'fizzy' stuff, and those who were still here raised their glasses in your memory.

On such a day it was good to be among so many close friends.

Even so, it's still unbearable to think I'll never see you walk into a room again.

Or see that lovely smile; or hear your laugh.

Or hold you close - ever again.

Do miss you so, so much my lovely one.

Will love you, for ever,

Trevor xxx