Sunday, 17 October 2010

Mother Superior

Sunday, 17 October 

My Lovely Eileen

On the '25th', Sarah also handed me some notes Lynn had put together, also remembering your time at Lexicon.

This is what she recalled...

'Well what can I say about 'Auntie Eileen, as we always called her with affection.
I met Eileen for the first time, when she came for interview at Lexicon.
I was on reception and being so young - I was just 21 then - I was taken aback by her.

She reminded me of my old head mistress and that made me feel really nervous.

After she joined Lexicon we became really good friends.

She took me under her wing.  She was like a second Mum to me.
I worked very closely with her and she gave me so much of her time and her expertise.

As a result my confidence grew, both at work and in my own life.
She was second to none! 
When my Dad died when I was just 23, Auntie Eileen was there for me.  She was a shoulder to cry on and a really good listener. 
"Work can wait" she always said.  "There are more important things in life."
How right she was.
On a lighter note, Auntie Eileen used to tell us stories about her convent education.  And how the nuns used to rule the pupils with an iron rod.
I loved to listen to her stories.  Particularly the one about the nuns not allowing the pupils to eat in public on the streets - and what punishment they would get if they were caught.
I always think of Auntie Eileen if we go to the seaside and have fish and chips while walking along the front.
I can hear her saying, "the nuns will get you!"
I loved Auntie Eileen like a mother and miss her with all my heart.

Lynn xxx'

My Lovely Eileen

Trust these memories from Sarah and Lynn have made you smile.

I remember you were in your last few weeks at Manor House when we first met.

You could not wait to get away and out of school uniform.

You were much more in your element once you switched to Hendon Tech.

Playing cards at lunch-time and your short 'pencil-slim' skirts soon revealed the real, fun-loving mischievous you.

Those are among the thousands of memories I'll remember. 

For ever