Thursday, 7 October 2010

Embraceable You

Thursday, 7 October

My Darling Eileen

I got a little 'spooked' this morning.

After breakfast, I began taking down the pictures from the photo wall we had created for the 25th.

It was comforting to have had them around me since then.

But I felt it was time now to think about putting them somewhere more private, such as in an album.

We had used little dots of adhesive on the backs to help them stay up.

As I took each print off the wall, I had to lay it face down on the table, to remove the little bits of adhesive on the back.

It was slow going.  I was being exceedingly careful, as I didn't want to crease or damage the photographs while removing the adhesive.

Some music would be nice, I thought to myself.

Nothing on the radio suited my mood, so I picked out a CD of quiet reflective piano music and pressed the button to release the tray.

As it came out, I hesitated.

There was a CD already in the tray.

It was a Rod Stewart 'Great American Song Book' album.

One of yours.  One you liked so much.  One of several we would have playing in the evenings, while we ate and talked.

I guess it must have been in the machine ever since the last time we ate in there together.   

I am not ready to eat in there yet.  At least not on my own.

It's easier when there's family here.

I wasn't ready for the Rod Stewart either, just yet.

So I put the CD back in its case and got on with removing spots of adhesive.

Even though I was really careful taking them off the wall, I could not help pulling off tiny bits of emulsion paint here and there.   

They're not too noticeable. Nothing that a skim of filler and some new paint won't hide.

I have been thinking of doing some decorating come Springtime anyway.

Nothing too radical, I promise. 

I just need to freshen things up.  And it will keep me busy.

As I've been writing this, there's some Gershwin playing in the background.  

The track just finished was 'Our Love is Here To Stay'

And now it's 'Embraceable You'.

What could be more appropriate?  

Love you so much,

For Ever

Trevor xxx