Sunday, 17 October 2010

Enter The Dragon

Sunday, 17 October

My Darling Eileen

When she came along with Ben on the '25th', Sarah brought me some lovely  'gifts'.

A bunch of freshly picked beans from their garden - which were delicious - and some notes recalling the time when you worked together at Lexicon.

This is what she wrote...

My memories of Eileen date from the day she arrived at Lexicon.
At that time, the company was split on two sites. We were in different buildings so I didn't see her much.
I sometimes covered on receptions back then.  When I had to put calls through to Eileen, I always thought how rude and abrupt she was. 

A real Dragon!
When the company amalgamated on a new site in Shipley, I was - to my horror - told I would be sitting next to Eileen.    
If I am honest, I was terrified of her and really worried she would not be easy to get along with.   
How wrong could I have been! 
Eileen was the warmest, funniest, most encouraging and loveliest woman to know.
I learned a great deal from her - not just about work but about life.
Eileen was always there for me.   
I went through some difficult times myself back then.  I had an illness that meant I had to take three months off work.
I took Chinese medicine to help my recovery.  It tasted awful and I hated taking it.
When I came back to work Eileen made this concoction up for me religiously and MADE me take it twice a day.
She cared enough to do this for me - and I will always be very grateful for that. 
Even though Eileen and I never met up again after she left Lexicon, we still stayed in touch by letter and by e-mail. 
Looking back through these, this is one of her e-mails that I found particularly funny...

"This weekend we have been decorating the lounge - and it has been disastrous!
Had to paint the ceiling three times 'cos each time we found streaks.
I then emulsioned the walls finishing the first pot of matt paint.  Started on the second tin.
Two walls later found it was a tin of silk finish NOT matt!
So quick trip to Homebase was needed.
Cali then walked along the window sill which I had just undercoated, leaving a trail of little pussy cat paw marks.
Trevor came home from work last night and, while having a cup of tea, lent against the radiator I had just glossed.
But today I think has been the bee's knees.
Glossing the skirting board, looked back and there was an army of ants stuck to the paint right along the skirting board."

Eileen was a wonderful combination of a Mum and a best friend.

That's how I'll remember her - and why I'll always miss her' 

As we all will.

Thought the 'paint episode' would bring back memories and a smile to your face.

Love and miss you so much 'my lovely dragon'. 

Yours - for ever

Trevor xxx