Monday, 19 April 2010

Ground Force

My Dearest E

You will be pleased to know that my recent gardening labours have not been restricted solely to number '28'.

The Sunday before last I went across to Charlotte and Ivan's to help them start to get their garden in order for the summer.

Spent the afternoon cutting the grass.  As usual with the 'first cut' it was a bit of an effort but eventully got it finished.  Lawn is not in too bad condition but could do with a little attention. 

Next morning I started by scarifying the lawn with a metal rake, as Charlotte and Ivan planned to apply some more grass seed.

Meanwhile Reuben had decided the lawn could do with another cut...

Soon, however he decided Opa's scarifying looked much more fun and that  help was needed...


Reuben then decided it was better fun taking the grass rakings out of the bag and spreading them all over the lawn.  Caitlin quickly saw the fun in this and raced to join in...


The well-timed appearance of 'treats' soon drew them off meaning the tidying up could be completed...



I know you would have loved seeing them and playing with them when they are having such fun.

I know you miss them and they miss you. Every night they kiss your picture in their nursery and say 'goodnight' to their lovely Oma.

We all love you and I'll make sure the grandchildren never forget you.

Nor will I.

All my love

Trevor xxx