Monday, 19 April 2010

Hat Trick

My Lovely E

Remember this cap?

It's the Chicago Cubs baseball cap Charlotte brought me back from her stay in the States back in '92.   She remembered me telling her I had been to some of their games when I was over there in '68.  So thought I would like one.  I still do. 

It's seen some wear and tear during the years but still comes in useful.  And how can I let it go until the Cubs have won a World Series. 

I took it with me on that Sunday recently when I went to help C and I with the garden.  The forecast for the weekend was good and I thought I would need some protection for my head.

Well I got sunburned!

Reuben is seriously into hats.  Seem to remember Adrian was like that at a similar age.  Well Reuben spied my Cubs cap and that was it for me getting to wear it...


Caitlin is equally keen on hats - when she can get her hands on one ...

She finds it difficult though once Reuben has got it on his head.

I'm sure you have noticed they both favour the modern 'yoof' way of wearing it back to front.

Reuben sometimes wears it the proper way - but he does seem a mite sheepish with it this way round!

Mind you, it's not the first time someone took it away from me.

I can remember some years ago on holiday in Sesimba, a certain lady very close to me borrowred it to protect her head from the sun...    

It did look a lot better on you, I admit. 

Brings back memories of a special time - and a wonderful lady.

Miss you lots my lovely.

Love you,

Trevor xxx