Thursday, 29 April 2010

Three Degrees

My Dearest Eileen 

I was sorting through some old photographs last weekend when I came across one that brought back a host of memories.  

It was this one I took at your 'Leaving Do' on your last day at Lexicon, just before we left Guiseley.

John L used to e-mail us irregularly with news of what was happening up there, and you would keep him in touch with what we were up to down here.

The photograph reminded me of the lovely letter John and Jennifer sent to me the day after you left us.

It was highly complimentary about you naturally, best summed up in his closing comment... 'What a Lady!'

One reminiscence he recalled of your time at Lexicon had me smiling then - and still does. 

During one of your lunch-time conversations with colleagues you had apparently revealed:

'All my family have degrees and I haven't.'


'Do you not find that hard?' you were asked. 

'Oh No', you replied, John recalls, with that wicked grin of  yours, 'because I have all the common sense!' 

I do agree with him. 

When it came to common sense and wise counsel you were always 'first class'.  Just as you were in so many other ways.


Cannot tell you how much I miss your wicked smile - and the vision of you in your 'mini-skirt' days.

Rest easy, my precious.

Love you so much.