Monday, 26 April 2010

Wedding Belle

My Special Girl 

I received a surprise packet in the post last week.

When I opened the box I found this lovely invitation ...

Inside it reads ...

The invitation didn't come as a complete surprise as June told me some months ago that Nicola was getting married.  But it was still pleasing to receive it.

I am looking forward to going - but it will be tough, so very tough without you.

And I'm sure June, Geoff and Nicola, particularly, wish that you could have been there too.  But it's not to be.

It will be a real pleasure to be there.  After all we've know Nicola since she was a little tot and watched her grow up to be such a lovely girl.  

It doesn't seem that long ago that she and Andrew were playing in the garden with Charlotte and Adrian.  Or that I was helping Geoff take Nicola down to University in Hull to settle in for first year or Andrew to Huddersfield before that.

And now she's getting married.

My darling, just where have the years gone? 

Talking about time, do you realise it's ten years this year since we left Guiseley. 

Do you remember our last night there? 

We stayed with June and Geoff, after the removal men had packed and gone and we had shut the door of Waldhaus and walked down the drive for the last time...          

How good it was to spend that last evening among such good friends.  And looking back, even better knowing they have remained such good friends ever since.

Surprising in a way really, remembering that one of our removal vans pulled down their telephone wires when we were moving in eighteen years earlier.  

Isn't it odd how such a strong, ever-lasting friendship can grow out of a potential problem like that.  With hindsight it's just as well that we cut them off, even if it was you who had to go and apologise.

Will miss having you by my side on the 20th June, but I promise I will tell you how the day went.

Love and miss you so very much.

Ever Yours