Friday, 23 April 2010

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Mr Dearest Eileen

Meant to tell you I received this lovely card from Derek and Janet just before Easter.

It shows the Bettys Cafe on the Grove in Ilkley.

Inside the card they wished me and the family a Happy Easter.  They hoped I was keeping well and said they often think about me.  Adrian had been in touch with them and they said it was lovely to hear from him.

The card brought back memories of times in Guiseley when Alistair and Adrian were very good friends and went many places together - including lots of visits to different Bettys I can imagine.  Also remember Adrian being invited to eat with them on Sundays fairly regularly.  And Alistair being with us for Sunday dinner just as regularly.

If the joints from 'Tony the Butcher' were always good, your Yorkshires, when the omens were right, were never less than spectacular.... 


I showed the card to Adrian and Charlotte.  

When she saw it Charlotte remembered the Sunday when Alistair was with us, and we lit the fire in the lounge about a hour before we were to sit down and eat.

Can't remember the cause but by the time we came to eat the lounge and the dining room were thick with smoke.  So it was a quick run round to open all the windows and the patio doors.

Unfortunately as the smoke went out the windows, the chill of a late-autumn Yorkshire evening raced in.  

By the time the meal was on the table the dining room was freezing. 

However the meal was not and we tucked in, even if we had - Alistair included - to put on coats and scarves to enjoy it.    

Talk about 'dressing for dinner.'

Charlotte is sure there is a photograph somewhere showing of all of us sitting round the dining-room table, well wrapped up to keep warm.

I remember it too, but have been unable to lay my hands on the negative yet.  As soon as I do - and  I will - I'll drop the photograph in here....  

Thought you would like to see Derek and Janette's card.  It was kind of them to remember and I sent them a long e-mail in reply.  

Miss you so much, my love.  Aunt Bessie's Yorkshires are not a patch on yours.  

All my love