Friday, 12 February 2010

Celebration for a Lovely Lady

My Lovely Girl

Your funeral service was a celebration of your life and reflected the joy and magic you brought to everyone who knew and loved you.

Nikki did a wonderful job of designing and producing the Order of Sevice.

On the back we included photographs specially selected to reflect different aspects of your life and the way you lived it.  These are some of them...

'Eileen enjoyed her role as one of the
 ‘four Linehan girls’ and did her utmost
 to ensure the tradition for lively,
 hilarious, and often raucous,family
get-togethers was passed on down
 the generations.'

'Eileen was warm, loving, tremendous
 fun and a joy to be with, kind,
 loyal, genuine and unassuming,
 trustworthy, aware of the feelings
 of others and someone you could count
 on for sound and sure advice.'

'She was a devoted mother, caring and
supportive. She had high standards
 and could be strict at times, but she
 loved Charlotte and Adrian dearly and
 took immense pride in their achievements.
Eileen was delighted when Charlotte and
 Adrian found such wonderful loving
 partners in Ivan and Nikki, and took
 them to her heart.'

'She loved to sing but was always
 off-key. She was hopeless at map
 reading, petrified by heights, could
 never remember a joke, loved cats and
long dangly ear-rings and simply
 adored sitting on a beach in Greece with
 the sun on her back.'

'Eileen desperately wanted grandchildren
to enjoy and play with.  She was ecstatic
when Darcy, Caitlin, Reuben, and Harriet
arrived. The tragedy is she had so little
quality time to enjoy them. She was and 
would have been a wonderful 'Oma‘ to them.

'So sleep peacefully and farewell
 my beautiful girl.

You were so loved by everyone
 who knew you. The magic and joy
you brought to our lives will live
 with us for ever.'

For ever,
Trevor xxx