Thursday, 18 February 2010

Warm, Warm Memories

Dearest E

Have just been going back through all the cards we received and this one brought back so many memories.  

It was from Debs, Harry, Soula, Denis and Nap at Villa Kouros in Zakynthos where we spent two absolutely wonderful holidays there, in 2000 and 2006. 

They said they were 'all so sorry to hear the sad news' and that 'they would always remember Eileen's kindness and lovely, lovely smile.'

So that holiday back in 2006 will now be the the last one we had together in Greece, and these photographs from that time remind me of how much we - and you in particular -  enjoyed our stay at Villa Kouros among such wonderful friends.


Remember our last day there?  We spent all day at Ionia beach and stayed as late as possible, trying to squeeze the last remaining bit of heat out of the sun, long after almost everyone else had gone.


Then later, after we had eaten in their restaurant at the top of the hill, we stayed on there with them, talking, laughing and drinking wine, long after all the other customers had paid and gone, stretching the evening into the early hours.


'With very fond memories' is how they signed the card.

They also said to me, 'Hopefully, we will we see you again someday.'

That's one 'Journey with Memories' I might be persuaded to make one day, even though it will not be the same without you.  But then nothing much is or ever will be again.

Love you and miss you,