Friday, 12 February 2010

My Mum

My Darling Eileen

Charlotte read beautifully at your service.  It wasn't easy for her - or for any of us as our emotions were understandably high.

Didn't want you to miss it. So this is what she said:

'Mum was loved by so many people, her family especially.

I’m not brave enough to use my own words today, to talk about how much she means to me.

I looked at many readings and poems but none seemed to say quite the right thing.

All the while my heart kept leading me back to one thing… of Caitlin & Reuben’s favourite books at the moment.

It sums up what I want to say perfectly.  I hope you’ll excuse the simplicity.

It's from a children's book called 'My Mum' by Anthony Browne.'

She’s nice my Mum

My Mum’s a fantastic cook, and a brilliant juggler

She’s a great painter, and the STRONGEST woman in the world!

She’s really nice, my Mum

My Mum’s a magic gardener. She can make ANYTHING grow.

And she’s a good fairy. When I’m sad she can make me happy.

She can sing like an angel, and roar like a lion

She’s really, REALLY nice, my Mum

My Mum’s as beautiful as a butterfly and as comfy as an armchair.

She’s as soft as a kitten, and as tough as a rhino.

She’s really, REALLY, REALLY, nice my Mum

My Mum could be a dancer, or an astronaut.

She could be a film star, or the big boss.

But she’s MY Mum.

She’s a SUPERMUM, and she makes me laugh. A lot.

I love my Mum.

And you know what?
(And she always will)

Just as we will always love you, my beautiful Eileen.

For ever,