Friday, 5 February 2010

Fine Words

My Darling Eileen

When they heard the news about you, I received lots of cards and messages from our friends and relations, as well as some of your former colleagues.

Their fond and lovely memories of you brought me lots of comfort and - in quite a few cases - a smile to my face.

So, sparing your blushes, I thought it would be good to share some of them with you.  After all they were writing about you - and what you meant to them.      

JJF e-mailed me to say:

'Janet and I were very sad to hear the news about Eileen. Please accept our deepest condolences. As you know, Eileen and I worked together for about 10 years along with a bunch of like minded fun loving people who all seemed to be bursting with energy and character. 

Eileen was one of the brightest and most surprising members of our team, demonstrating hidden depths particularly at Christmas parties, with some stories about her now legend.’

When I checked with Christine T about this after I received JJF's email, I gathered, between her tears and laughter, that it was something to do with an hilarious and unforgettable version of 'Little White Bull', which you gave the first Christmas after you joined NP.

Wasn't there so cannot comment.  But, knowing you, it does not surprise me.

According to Christine it shattered the ultra-efficient super-cool image they all had of you up until then.  

JJF and Janet came to the sevice to pay their respects to you and remember the goods times in Guiseley.  It was nice to hear his 'Sorry for your Troubles' in that soft velvety brogue of his. 

JJF hasn't changed much. Maybe not quite so lean and a little more laid back. You would have enjoyed talking to him.

Love you

For ever,
Trevor xxx