Friday, 5 February 2010

The Girl in the Garden

My Lovely Girl

There was so much I wished to say about you at your funeral service.

Since we have been so happy together for such a long time - but nowhere near long enough for me I now know - I thought I should begin by telling how we met.

This is what I said:

'One Saturday morning in early June 1960 I flew to London to start a new job the following week. That afternoon I moved into a bed-sit in a house in Muswell Hill, where some relatives of mine already lived.
As I unpacked, I noticed an attractive girl sitting in the sunshine, in a deck-chair in the back garden of the house next door.
Later that same evening, my aunt offered to go and speak to a friend of hers, to see if that friend’s daughter was free to show me around the neighbourhood.
When my aunt returned she was with the beautiful girl in the garden.

The girl was tall, slim, long-limbed and graceful. Up close she was even lovelier, with sparking blue eyes and a dazzling smile. She said her name was Eileen.

That warm June evening we walked for miles and talked all the way.

She was the most natural and beautiful girl I had ever met and the chemistry between us just fizzed and then ignited.

By the time we reached home I was completely enchanted by her and more than a little in love with her already.

As we said ‘good night’ I leant forward and kissed her. As I left, Eileen asked quietly if she would see me tomorrow. I said she would and that I was certain we would see each other for a great many tomorrows.
That’s when the magic started and it never ever faltered.'

My Love, I know this photograph was taken nearly a year before we met.  But it is so close to the image of you that I first saw, that sunny summer afternoon all those years ago, that I have treasured it ever since - and always will.

Love and miss you so much. 

For ever,

Trevor xxx