Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Farewell My Lovely

5 December 1943 - 12 January 2010

My Darling Eileen

Remember when, if you knew we going to be apart overnight, you would leave little notes on my pillow. 

Like this one, which you hid under my pillow the day you went in to hospital... 

Well this is a note to you, my love, very much along the same lines - to say that I love you and will miss you so much.

Except this time I know you are not coming back to me and that I am left here on my own, with just those wonderful memories to console me.

Yes I know I have C and I, A and N and the grandchildren to comfort me and look after me.  But it’s not the same - and never will be - without the lovely girl who has been at the centre of my life since that wonderful day we met all those years ago.

I know we had to let you go and I hope you did not suffer too much pain - but I do miss you so.  I loved you so much and wish we could re-live every moment again.

Even though it's three weeks tonight since you slipped away from us, I still feel you are here for me and for all of us, just as you always were.

So, as I promised you weeks ago when you were stronger, I will write often and tell you how things are.

So, for now, sleep peacefully my beautiful girl.  I love you so and always will.

Trevor xxx