Sunday, 30 May 2010

Friday 30 May 2008

My Lovely Girl

Was relieved yesterday that you were feeling a bit better, so slept better than I had the previous night.   An additional bonus - Cali had not come roaming upstairs to wake me up - which meant I was a little later getting up. 

It was even better to wake and find this upbeat text from you on my phone...

'Early morning wake up!  Find it hard to sleep, so listened to radio, but it's stopped - can u gt another battery please.  Could u also please bring charger.  E x'

'Morning.  Will do.  Love you. T xxx'

'Catheter and oxygen gone!  Hv managed 2 wash and change but feel knackered.  Can u gt another mag from front bedroom?  E x'

'Radio seems 2 b working now!'

'Seems radio 2 cut out again!!'

'Will look at radio when I come in.  Could just need re-tuning.  Good about all the tubes coming out. T x'

When I arrived at three, Mary and Maggi soon followed me in. They were pleased to see you looking so well.

I know you were pleased to see you looking so well considering what you had been through just two days earlier.  They did not stay too long as they did not wish to tire you out, but seeing them gave you a lift.

Kathy had sent you some lovely roses, as she could not get up to see you.  I took this photo of you to send to Kathy, to show her how well you were doing - and to say 'thank you' for the roses.  


After you had had a rest, I went with you while you walked the length of the corridor and back.  Even though you were uncomfortable you were really brave and stuck at it.

Later, as I was leaving, you hinted you might try and do some more walking later.  I knew just how determined you could be, so I was concerned that you might be trying to do too much too soon.

When I was at home later, I was mighty relieved when I received these texts from you...

'A has just texted 2 say that they will b here about 3.00ish.  Hp u hd s'thing nice 4 dinner.  I hd a nice sleep.  Luv u. e xx'

'Glad you chilled out.  Hope you are more comfortable tonight. You looked a lot better without the tubes.  A and N looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.  Have also spoken to Amanda.  She and Bob send their love.  T xxx'.

'In bed, didn't walk - a bit tired and aches.  Lovely text from Amanda. Might b a devil and try sleeping on my side!  Sleep tight my darling.  Hp that u r ok.  E xx.  Ps does cali miss me?

'Cali does not come on the bed as much when you are not here. Has gone out again - must be a bit warmer.  Sleep tight.  Hope you sleep well tonight.  Love you  T xx'

'Sleep tight - e xx'

I was so proud of you. You were so brave through all of this and so determined.  But that's how you always were.

Miss you, your lovely smile and your laughter so much.  

For ever,