Friday, 28 May 2010

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

My Darling Eileen

These texts from this important day - two years ago -  tell their own story...

'Woke up at 5.00, waiting to gt jallop and then shower. Will be so pleased when it is over and i c u this afro. Hp u slept ok and i love u. E xx' 
'Trust you are now sq clean and full of jollop. Have just fed Cali who was very restless this morning. Missing Mummy Bear as I am. Spoke to C & A last night who send their love. Will be thinking of you this morning. Cannot wait to hold you (gently) this afternoon. Love you so much. T xxx'
'Disaster!! Shower gel split. Nothing left! Please bring another. White stockings on - just hanging around again. Hp u r ok, and c u soon. Luv e xx'
'Bet you look lovely. Is it just ordinary gel from shower? Love you. xxx'
'Yes bog standard please.'
'No problem. Did you have enough to shower properly?'
'All clean thanx. Hv been told that consultant will b in in about an hour plus anaesthetist - but who knows! What r u planning 2 do 2day? Gt text from c last nite and text from a this morning. x'
'Will mark time until I leave to come and see you. Nice e-mail from Cheryl and Neil with their best wishes for you today. T xxx'
'They have just taken freda down. Hv no idea when I go down. E x'
'Hope you are ok having to wait. Are you in a lovely surgical gown? T xxx'
'Time seems 2 b a long time now. Miss u. E x'
'Hang in there - at least we can text each other which I didn't think we would be able to do. Txxx'

Can't tell you how agonising the next few hours were. If the morning up to then had been bad the silence was worse.

Just before one o'clock, Jill came racing across saying she had Laura on the phone.

Laura told me she had been with you when you were wheeled into the theatre - and that you were now in the recovery room and had come through the operation well.

When I arrived at 3, you were very drowsy and uncomfortable, and feeling very nauseous.

All you wanted me to do was sit beside you, hold your hand and help when you were being unwell.
Once home I just had to say goodnight to my brave lovely girl, even though I knew you were probably fast asleep. Or, at least I hoped so.

'Don't know when you will pick this up but hope you are feeling a bit better. Will see you tomorrow. Sleep tight my lovely one. All my love. T xxx'

Then - as now - you were the only person I ever loved.   I so wanted to be with you to help you get better.

Trevor xxx