Thursday, 27 May 2010

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

My Darling Eileen

Remember that Tuesday? 

It was the day you were go into hospital for your operation.

Didn't know much more than that then, as we had been told to to ring the admissions desk at 3 o'clock for more details.

So, until then, we filled the day with ordinary things.

You put together a bag of the things you would needed to take in with you.  Later we went shopping, picking up magazines to prevent you getting bored when you were recuperating.

When 3 o'clock came you rang and were told to come in at 7 o'clock, when a bed would be available.

Rather than sit around until then we went for a walk at Lake Meadows.

While we were in the park you sent a text to the children.  This is what it said...

'Hv 2 b in now at 7.00 at elsdon, not kingswood as planned.  Will find where i'll be from there!  Walking thu lakemeadows park at mo.  Luv e x'
When we arrived at Elsdon ward, we found you were in a side room with four beds.  Your bed was beside the window.  The view wasn't terrific but sunshine was streaming in. 

A lady was settling in on the bed opposite.  Her name was Freda and we learned she was having the same operation as you.   

Too soon it was 8 o'clock, the end of visiting, and time for me to go.

So we held each other and said our goodbyes in that restrained, self-conscious way we use when we are aware others are around and can overhear.

Really didn't want to leave you that night and would have done anything to protect you from what you were about to go through.  But it was out of my hands.

You had your mobile phone with you, but it had been made clear mobile phone calls were not allowed. 
By the time I reached home I was pretty down.

Then I remembered the notice had only said 'no mobile phone calls'.  It hadn't said anything about texts.

So I fired this off...     

'Don't know when you'll pick this up but just wished you to know that I love you so much.  Will be thinking of you in the morning and cannot wait to be with you at three.  Sleep tight.  Love you.  T xxx'

Cannot tell how pleased I was when this came pinging into my inbox minutes later...


'Thank u darling  - lov u so much, and will b so happy 2 c u 2morrow afro. Sleep tight u and the pussy cat.  E xx'

We may not have been together physically - but we were in touch.

And that would come to mean so much to both of us over the next few days.

Will love you for ever, my lovely girl.