Monday, 31 May 2010

Saturday, 31 May 2008

My Darling Eileen

Was a little concerned the previous night when you had said you were too tired and sore to walk.   Just hoped you had been able to sleep.

Your first text of the morning put my mind a bit more at ease.    

'Morning - hd a a gd night?   I've just hd a cup of tea and hopefully brekkies at sometime.  E xx'

'Hi glad you slept well.  I was woken at 5 by by a pussy cat falling off the bed.  Didn't get up and went back to sleep. T xxx'

'It could have been my side of the bed that she fell off. E'

'No it was definitely my side of the bed.   Would you like me to bring a paper in?  DT?  T xxx'

'If u hv finished with dt then i will hv it please - but don't worry if u still want it.  Please get banana, could u manage 2 get a small fork please.  E xx'

'Will do. Banana on the list to get.  Will bring fork.  T xx'

Wasn't sure if u r coming thru 2 c n and a this afro, or later? E'

'Will be there at 3. Have pillows etc to give to Adrian.  C u then T xx'  

Hadn't been there long when Nikki and Adrian arrived.  They had cards for you: one from Pat and Fred, a 'pussy cat' card from them and a 'Get Well' balloon from Darcy.

After N and A had gone we did a lap or two of the corridor in the ward together and then you went back to bed to rest.

Later you persuaded me to head home early and walked me to the door of the ward.  I watched you heading back down the corridor.  I was so impressed with your determination to get better. and hoped it would only be a few days before you were able to come home.

'Hv just done 3 laps of the corridor.  Would like 2 think that I would feel the 'earth move' - but no luck!.   Hv a gd night, sleep tight and love u so much.  How lovely it would b 2 b home on Monday.  E xx'

'Well done! be careful and don't over do it.  Really hope you are able to come home Monday.  Missing you.  Sleep tight tonight. Love you tons.  T xxx'

'Just hd the apple and really enjoyed it - will u b bringing an apple 2morrow?  E xx'

'OK Eve!"  Will bring an apple tomorrow.  Would you like another banana?  T xxx'

'Sleep well my lovely.  T xxxx'

'Thanx - will be gr8 - not eaten banana tho. Sleep well darling. E'  

I went to sleep that night hoping that you would soon be back home.

When we were apart, I was always at a loss without you.

That's how it was then - and how it still is today.

Miss you so,