Saturday, 8 May 2010

A Year Older

My Darling Eileen

Just wished to let you know that I had an enjoyable birthday last Saturday.

Missed you a lot as I'm sure you will understand, but everybody did their best to make it a fun day.

On Good Friday, Adrian and I had spent a couple of hours assembling the new gas barbecue that Nikki had bought him for Christmas.  Well, Adrian did all the work and I just passed him the bits as he needed them.

Saturday was the ideal opportunity then to fire it up for the first time. 


The weather was not ideal for barbecuing.  The sunshade was there to keep the rain off the 'chef' as there was no danger of sunburn.  

Needless to say the children wanted to help and didn't enjoy being told to stay indoors.  When a watery sun came out later they did get a chance to run off some energy.  


Really enjoyed the lunch as it was a while since we had a chance to barbecue here at home.   

Afterwards it was time for cake - coffee cake for me (and Nikki!) and sponge cake for everyone else. 

Harriet was fascinated by the candles and Darcy, Caitlin and Reuben blew out out the candles for me, then tucked into pieces of cake and ice cream. 





Afterwards it was present time.  Received some really nice presents - a lovely leather photo album to take with me when I'm away from home; a storage card for the camera; garden centre vouchers to buy plants for the garden; and (one of your favourites) L'Eau Bleue d'Issey Eau Fraiche.

Charlotte, Ivan, Caitlin and Reuben left just before six o'clock as they were heading up to Yorkshire to see the folks up there.

After Darcy and Harriet had been put to bed, Nikki went out to meet Christine, who is back over from New Zealand.    

Adrian and I were able to spend the evening watching some good rugby.

It was a very pleasant and enjoyable birthday and everyone was very supportive. 

Have to admit that at times during the day I could not stop my mind going back to previous birthdays, like just a year ago - our last one together.


Life is tough - sometimes very tough - without you.

Do miss you and never stop thinking about you.

Love you so much,